risobuono piemonte



Riso Buono rice is produced in Casalbeltrame by Azienda Agricola La Mondina, using organic and nutritional qualities.

The company is owned by the family of Luigi and Carlo Guidobono Cavalchini, who are proud of keeping with its long-standing traditions. A tradition that goes back in time to the late 17th century, when the Gautieri noble family, after leaving the county of Nice, settled in these areas around Novara introducing, over the years, significant improvements especially regarding irrigation methods and cultivation techniques.

A tradition that has continued with time, following several hereditary successions, with the marquises Cuttica di Cassine and, currently, with the barons Guidobono Cavalchini. The rice Riso Buono produces is excellent: its greatest quality (and its pride) comes from the valued opinions of those culinary experts who have tasted it.

Website: www.risobuono.it