rigamonti lombardia



In 1913, the Rigamonti family company was born. Francesco Rigamonti was then the owner of an artisan laboratory with a connected butchery and delicatessen in the heart of the city of Sondrio. This is where the most ancient symbol of the Valley – the bresaola was prepared, following the secrets of an all Valtellinian ancient art. It was 1928 the bresaola market could significantly grow.

With the occasion of the participation at the “Grande Fiera Campionaria” in Milano, the greatest Italian trade fair at the times.

In the 1970 s it was the time for the second production site in Poggiridenti and in 1986, finally of the third plant in Mazzo in Valtellina.

Rigamonti celebrated 100 years of activity in 2013 and is part of JBS SA group – the largest animal protein processing company in the world – exports bresaola in 20 countries around the world.

The bresaola – ancient food whose traditional manufacturing is the art in which Rigamonti is master and depositary – is a worthy and healthy food, characterised by high protein content are a source of potassium and vitamins B1, B6 and B12.

Website: www.rigamontisalumificio.it