Valente Pivetti decided to build a steam mill for milling flour just a few kilometres from Cento. This was the starting point for Pivetti’s story.

The “Holding Pivetti” group is now made up of the following companies:

• Molini Pivetti S.p.A. – production of flours and semi- processed products

• Molino di San Giovanni S.p.A. – production of flours and semi-processed products

• MaceFruit S.r.l. – production of ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables

• G.P.S. S.r.l. – Logistics and transportation.

The heart of it all still remains in the plant at Renazzo, thanks to the care which the Pivetti family has always dedicated to ensuring its premises are kept up-to-date. Accordingly the brand is one of the big names in the production of professional flours.

In 1997 the company bought a second existing mill at San Giovanni Persiceto, having in the meantime become a limited company in 1973. In addition to covering the Italian market as a whole, the company exports its products throughout Europe, North America and other foreign companies: the main channels include the industrial sector, the food service channel and large-scale retail.

Website: www.pivetti.it