Established in 1996, the Nastro D’oro distillery produces the typical liqueurs of the Sorrento Peninsula, where limoncello liquor was born. The quality of the handcrafted products is sustained through the careful selection of natural ingredients and the authenticity of the traditional recipes.

The Nastro D’oro distillery is located within the surroundings of Massa Lubrense in the small village of Termini (‘Outpost’). Termini is beautifully placed on the edge of the Sorrento Peninsula and is the departure point for the stunning paths leading towards San Costanzo Peak and Punta della Campanella Lighthouse.

Immersed in the mythical land of the Sirens where Ulysses rested from his endless journey shortly before returning home, Termini is a compelling stop over for those in search of nature, beauty and pristine landscapes.

At the Nastro D’oro distillery we offer a wide selection of liqueurs, all of which are handmade using natural products, though the processes are mechanized bottling, this allows for a high number of products with good quality.