gentilini toscana



The story of a small handcrafted workshop, that became a well-established company in the national and international scene, thanks to the Gentilini family’s genuine passion and continued pursuit for perfection.

In 1890 he set up his first shop for the production of bread and biscuits. During that period, a dry Anglo-Saxon biscuit called Oswego was becoming popular in Italy. Pietro immediately understood this biscuit’s potential and spent a lot of time studying an improved and personalised recipe. After several attempts, he succeeded in producing a biscuit with a plain and natural yet unique taste, and called it Osvego, in order to differentiate it from the Oswego that was already on the market.

In 1958, due to increased production needs, the company moved to its present location, situated in Via Tiburtina. Over the years, besides Osvego and dessert biscuits, Pietro and his descendants enriched and diversified their “taste workshop” with successful products, such as Novellini Rusks, the delicious shortbread biscuits, Panettone and Roman Delight enjoyed by generations and still beloved for their authenticity.