gentile campania



Operating since 1876, Gentile is one of the oldest pasta manufacturing in Gragnano.

Gragnano is a land of very old tradition, located between Pompei and the Amalfi coast, Gragnano is the only region recognised by the EU for their pasta production.

The EU assigns the IGP mark to agricultural foods that are linked to a geographical origin, based on unique characteristics and production phases. Gentile’s pasta IGP obtained through it’s specific kneading of the durum wheat flour with the pure spring water coming from the local source.

In keeping with the true tradition of the “Mastro Pastai” (pasta makers), the quality of the production is down to the capable hands of these ‘’Mastro Pastai’’, who have inherited their craft and skills through their ancestry using the “Metodo Cirillo” (three days of natural drying process).

The success of this product involves the precise process from the ‘’Mastro Pastaio’’ of ensuring the correct humidity of the dough and testing the pasta for it’s perfection by placing it between their teeth!