vergnano piemonte



A company with a long, prestigious history, Caffè Vergnano was founded in 1882. It started as a small apothecary in Chieri, a small town at the foot of the Turin hills, a business set up by the current owners’ grandfather of the company: Domenico Vergnano.

The true vocation of the Vergnano family was soon very clear: in a few years the small shop mastered all the secrets of coffee-making and selling. The activity grew quickly and the first three Italian warehouses were opened in Turin, Alba and Chieri. But the true leap forward happened in the 1930s and was the result of a courageous choice: the purchase of a coffee-producing farm in Kenya.

The roasting is the most delicate moment of the coffee working process, because the taste concentration and flavour of the beans depends on the exact level of roasting. This delicate stage is still today carried out by Caffè Vergnano following traditional methods.

The varieties of coffee are roasted separately, origin by origin, guarantee the correct cooking level. Unlike most modern coffee makers who work with the “turbo” industrial method, or rather with 5-6 minute cycles at high temperatures, Caffè Vergnano has adopted a “slow” roasting system, with cycles that last between 18 and 22 minutes. In each new cycle, the roasting of each individual lot is personally inspected, to guarantee the product maintains a constant perfect quality.