adi abruzzo



The world of bees, honey and nature has always been in the DNA of the family that transformed beekeeping in the Abruzzo region.

The Lacovanelli family deserves much of the credit for the transformation of beekeeping, honey producing and selling into main activities in the territory of Tornareccio, nowadays “the capital of honey in the Abruzzo region”.

Their honey is considered an art, handed down from father to son in the Lacovanelli family. Adi Apicoltura is the direct interpreter of this tradition: it was founded in 1982 by Dario, the grandson of Giuseppeantonio (Adi stands for Apicoltura Dario Iacovanelli), and with the same dedication today his sons Piero and Fabio and their descendants are involved in one of the most solid and important business situation of the Italian scene.

Adi Apicoltura has been the art of honey for over one hundred and fifty years.