At TICCO, we take pride in the quality and authenticity of our products. Whether it’s the freshness of our tomatoes that have been ripened in the Italian sun to the olive oil from Campania that is ground in the traditional south Italian style, TICCO’s quality comes from our rigorous sourcing. These products, as well as our bespoke catering services which are tailored to your specific briefs, can be distributed to any part of the UK and Ireland.


Alongside sourcing the very best produce from local Italian suppliers, TICCO’s commitment to excellence is emphasised by the fact that we are the sole distributor of Bindi products and desserts across the UK and Ireland.


Fueled by a passion for bringing the authentic taste of Italy to the UK, TICCO established their business in 1994. Finding a home in central London, TICCO has spent more than 25 years focussing on building a team dedicated to providing high-quality products to our accounts, distributors, supermarkets and restaurants.
Bevande Futuriste was born in Treviso in 2014, dedicated to providing green and organic products with low sugar, and a keen eye on the aesthetics of presentation. It uses only organic, controlled and certified Italian products.

Bevande Futuriste wants to revolutionize the concept of contemporary beverages. It creates a healthy range of organic fruit juices and cold teas for any time of the day. It also offers a premium line of organic drinks, all without colouring and preservatives,and made with reduced amounts of sugar.
Sole UK & IRELAND distributor

For over 60 years Bindi has served some of the most prestigious and discerning restaurateurs in Italy and around the world.

With two production plants in Italy and a production facility in the United States, Bindi proudly boasts widespread distribution and sales support in the USA and North America. The company also distributes throughout Italy, the European Union, Turkey, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Australia.
Sole UK distributor

Exclusively coming from the hilly and mountainous areas in the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, the Parmigiano Reggiano matures in our stone warehouses, strictly following the old tradition, which highlights the product properties and elevates its aroma.

Cantarelli 1876 is a guarantee of the finest quality short or long matured Parmigiano Reggiano.
Maturation is crucial to Parmigiano Reggiano production and this is what differentiates it from every other hard-cheese on the dairy market. Sant’Ilario dairy farm is in the province of Reggio Emilia, right in the heart of where Parmigiano Reggiano is produced in ancient stone buildings, built at the end of the 1800s, where the cheese can mature in naturally balanced temperature and humidity.
Delicius was founded in Parma, Italy, back in 1974. Ever since then it has been developing, producing and marketing preserved fish. Over the years Delicius has achieved an unsurpassed reputation for excellence within the fish market, building its own identity with a wide range of products of superior quality, that consumers recognise and appreciate. Delicius’s intention is to share the Italian way of living: the love of good food, prepared with care and imagination.
Established in 1985, Forno d’Asolo specialises in the provision of irresistible bakery, suitable for breakfast, main meals and snacks.

The company is based in Maser (Treviso) close to Asolo, one of the historical and charming villages in Northern Italy. The assortment of treats comprises a rich variety of Cornetti as well as savoury snacks, traditional pizzas, paninis and focaccias.
Garofalo’s history is rooted in a passion for taste and the desire to combine artisan traditions with modern production. When it began in 1789, Garofalo was the first pasta factory in Gragnano, the city of pasta, and home to the early pasta factories that settled there to take advantage of the unique properties of its water sources for making dough. Garofalo’s pasta is special because it is made with knowledge that has been passed through generations. This knowledge results in a product with high quality standards, perfect for professional use.

To make its pasta Garofalo selects the best grains in the world, from desertic areas that meet specific quality criteria for gluten, protein level, colour and optimal taste, striving not alter their organoleptic characteristics during production.
Sole UK distributor

Pastificio Gentile, founded in 1876, is one of the historic artisan factories that have made the town of Gragnano famous around the world for its pasta. Even today it still uses original artisan production methods, paying great attention to every detail, from the selection of raw materials to the control of the different production phases.

The company offers the finest quality products with full respect to the traditions that have made the pasta from Gragnano so famous, including the use of fine semolina strictly of Italian origin and low-temperature drying according to the old ‘Cirillo’ method.
Lavazzas blend of heritage and technology. works to continually develop their products and coffee systems.

Lavazza has a long and rich Italian heritage, providing a unique and impressive coffee solution to any portfolio.

Established in 1895, Lavazza is a family-owned brand present in 140 markets. Lavazza continues to be a prominent brand globally whilst remaining family-owned and having Turin, the birthplace of Lavazza, at its heart.
Sole UK distributor

Ortuso Olearia has built on three generations of tradition and over 60 years of experience. From its time-honoured mill, Ortuso produces and supplies its pure, core produce – 100% extra virgin olive oil. Ortuso selects only the best EVO from the Mediterranean basin that, together with its own Italian oil, creates a blend appreciated and admired by customers. Ortuso’s full range includes Italian olive oil, Italian pomace olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil.
Palacios is a family business, renowned within the Spanish food sector and first opened its doors in 1960 within the wine-producing region of La Rioja.

With several decades of commitment to innovation, quality and diversification, Palacios creates superb Spanish omelettes including two of the most popular choices in Spanish homes, onion and chorizo.

Made with free-range eggs, without any additives, Palacios omelettes are a healthy and natural food. Cooking a Spanish omelette requires a lot of practice. If what you want is to be able to enjoy a delicious potato omelette at any time without any effort, be sure to try the delicious Palacios potato omelettes at any time and in any place.
Sole UK distributor

Parmacotto is an Italian producer of fine meats based in the Parma area of Italy. Founded in 1978, Parmacotto is famous for all types of Salumi: from the many types of Prosciutto and Salami to the latest ‘Zero Line’ Salami products. Parmacotto began in 2019 and is now pleased to be bringing the same high quality enjoyed in Italy to the UK!

Attention to detail is what defines Parmacotto. Each product is curated with the eye of tradition and a dedication to the art of making fine charcuterie – it is part Parmacotto’s history and who it is. Parmacotto demands the best and thinks that you should too.
Sole UK & IRELAND distributor

Part of the Bindi Group this range of confectionery products is designed to meet the needs of customers where economy is the key factor in their choice of desserts.

Baked cakes, cream cakes, gelato and frozen dessert all simple recipes prepared in the typical Italian style.
Sole UK distributor

Caseificio Sabelli was founded in Molise in 1921, when Nicolangelo Sabelli started a business with his son Archimede who, in the 1950s, decided to move the business to the Region Marche.

Today the company is an important dairy farm business, managed by the fourth generation Sabelli family with innovative technology and an excellent distribution and logistical network.

Sabelli Plc is a large company that, after almost a century of activity, preserves the spirit of a family-run business focused on artisan quality and dairy tradition.
Sole UK distributor

Spinosa S.p.A. is an Italian company specialising in the production of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO and its derivatives.

The raw material used by Spinosa comes exclusively from the ‘PDO area’ and is analysed, transformed and packaged within 24/48 hours. It has a short production chain, in which every step is certified and managed by highly qualified professionals to ensure the highest standards of freshness and uniqueness of local flavours, from raw material to final product.
Sole UK distributor

Steccolecco was born in the Parioli district of Rome in 2013 and was the very first manufacturer of natural homemade gelato on a stick. The original Parioli store was a kiosk inside a historical food market. Originally this was the location for production, sales and distribution to various outlets including bars, restaurants and hotels. It also served the needs of private and corporate events. Since then, the pursuit of excellence and dedication to natural ingredients has never ceased with Steccolecco progressively widening its objectives and maintaining its standards.
Trafila is a manufacturer of fresh-filled and unfilled pasta using carefully selected and ethically sourced ingredients, all produced with Italian know-how under the watchful eye of its Master Pastaio. Italian food starts with the finest, freshest ingredients and Trafila pasta is hand made using the best local seasonal produce.

In addition to providing pasta for sale through retail partners, Trafila also creates private-label products for retail outlets and restaurants.


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